Tokumitsu Shinada

Tokumitsu Shinada
A wandering professional cook who has survived since the chaotic days of WWII aftermath. In 1945 he opened the soba stall bearing his name, "Tokumitsu Dining," in a corner of the black market. He continued to work in the industry although he changed locations. In 1960 he was serving soba at "Nagata-cho," near the Diet Building. By the mid 60s he was running another soba eatery, "The Orphan," but few years later he moved again, changing the name into "Mach." After an experience as manager of food stands in amusement parks, in the late 80s he was seen cooking curry at a stall called "India Curry."

Fuyuki Shinada
(Gunma Prefecture, 1959). Molder. He created many characters and special suits for TV programs in Japan, and is now leading his own atelier, Vi·shop. Shinada worked for the first time with Mamoru Oshii for the protect gears in The Red Spectacles (1987). One may notice that the name of his character comes from Tokumitsu Kifune (the movie's CG director) and, of course, Shinada himself.

Shinada: Gimme a break! It's just a bowl of noodles!

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