Hamburger Tetsu

Hamburger Tetsu
He indiscriminatingly attacked restaurants of a specific hamburger chain. His purposeless terrorism threw the fast food industry into panic. However, some researchers argue that the accounts on this character are mere derivative fiction.

Kenji Kawai
(Tokyo, 1957). Music composer of Oshii's movies since 1987, including Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Innocence (2004). He also wrote the music for Hideo Nakata's Ring (1998).

Narrator: Fast Food Grifters are praxists who achieve their self-realization by their own existence. Kiichi Inukai once compared them to those Russian anarchists who used bombs to fulfill their aim. If Hamburger Tetsu's scams were terrorism, then we should probably admit that the actual process simulated Inukai's aforementioned remark.

I97I * Breaking away from the Japanese Communist League - Red Army Faction, a woman called Fusako Shigenobu founds the armed group Japanese Red Army (JRA) (February), establishing close ties to the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). * Instant Cup Noodles introduced onto the market. * The first McDonald's branch opens in Japan.
I972 * United Red Army members take hostages and barricade themselves inside the Asama Mountain Lodge. After a long siege, the police irrupt into the lodge (February 28). Interrogations reveal 14 murders in the course of United Red Army's internal disputes, or "deliberations." * Okinawa, under USA rule since 1945, is returned to Japan's sovereignty (May 15). * Japanese Red Army guerrillas attack Tel Aviv Airport, 26 die (May 30). * First tenants enter the Takashimadaira housing complex in Tokyo, a gigantic estate built on a former farmland area. * First Lotteria branch opens in Tokyo.
I973 * Oil crisis caused by the Yom Kippur War.
I974 * Japan's Former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato awarded Nobel Peace Prize. * The first Seven-Eleven convenience store opens in Japan.
1975 * Emperor Showa makes a state visit to the USA.
I976 * Lockheed Scandal and eventual arrest of former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka.
I977 * Japanese Red Army hijacks Japan Airlines Flight 472 and forces it to land in Dacca. The Japanese Government frees six imprisoned members of the group and allegedly pays a $6 million ransom. * Mamoru Oshii joins Tatsunoko Production.
I978 * Consumer finance causing family bankruptcies. * Space Invader arcade game becomes a hit. * Family restaurant boom. * Singing trio The Candies breakup. * Beefbowl Ushigoro strikes Yochinoya; Hamburger Tetsu assails Lotteria. * Everyday life is taken over and transformed by "systems."

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