Foxy Croquette O-Gin

Foxy Croquette O-Gin
In the late 50s she plied her scams near the Diet Building. Her main subject was foxy croquette soba, and she captivated everyone with her formidable beauty. O-Gin suddenly disappeared after the demonstrations against the Japan-USA Security Treaty renewal on June 15, 1960. Some believe that a terrorist known as "Ginko the one-time Student Federation activist," and a guerilla called AK Ginko who won a name for herself in the Middle East, could be the same person.

Mako Hyodo
Tokyo-born actress and voice talent. She debuted at 14 as a model for the cosmetic maker Shiseido. She played in many Oshii's works, such as Angel's Egg (1985), Red Spectacles (1987) and Talking Head (1992).

Narrator: On June 15th, 1960, O-Gin wasn't to be seen in front of the Diet Building. Some said they saw a beautiful woman pulling a pair of disposable chopsticks out of her hair and breaking it as she heard the news of a female student killed in the Anpo protest confrontations at the Diet Building. Some said they saw a woman devouring bowls of noodles while ignoring the incident. One thing is certain: Foxy Croquette O-Gin disappeared suddenly that day.

1946 * International Military Tribunal for the Far East opens in Tokyo to try alleged war criminals (May). * Promulgation of the Japanese Constitution. Under Article 9, Japan will never maintain "land, sea, or air forces or other war potential."
1948 * The Cold War starts.
1950 * Establishment of the National Police Reserve, later renamed National Safety Forces. * Civil war in Korea; Japan's economy benefits from the conflict thanks to the Special Procurements system operated by the United States; Japan's manufacturing grows by 50% between 1950 and 1951.
195I * San Francisco Peace Treaty (November 8): Japan restores its sovereignty, and the first Japan-US Security Treaty (Anpo) is signed. USA forces occupying Japan are now responsible for the security of the archipelago. * Birth of Mamoru Oshii.
1952 * Pre-war standards of living regained.
1953 * State-owned NHK commences TV broadcasts.
1954 * Police Act reformed: the National Safety Forces are renamed Self-Defense Forces. * Fishing boat Fukuryu Maru (Lucky Dragon) 5 is exposed to a Bikini hydrogen bomb test. * First Godzilla movie released.
1955 * Japanese Post-War Economic Miracle begins.
1956 * Japan joins the UN: reintegration into the international community.
* The White Paper on the Economy declares the official "end of the post-war period." * First reported case of the Minamata disease caused by methylmercury poisoning as consequence of Chisso Corporation chemical dumping.
1957 * The USSR successfully launches Sputnik I. * Dream Island, an artificial island originally created in 1939 for military purpose in the Tokyo Bay, is converted into a dumpsite.
1958 * Tokyo Tower inaugurated. * Hula-Hoops become a mega-hit. * Japan Communist League (Bund) founded. * Instant noodles introduced into the market.
1960 * The new Japan-US Security Treaty (Anpo) is signed (January 19). When the House of Representatives tries to enforce it (May 20), the All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations (Zengakuren), led by the Bund and supported by many citizens, surround the National Diet Building and demonstrate against the treaty, fearing a Japanese involvement in USA military actions. * Foxy Croquette O-Gin plies her scams at "Nagata-cho," near the Diet Building. * Michiko Kanba, a female university student, is killed by the police in a confrontation when protesters break into the Diet Building (June 15). The treaty becomes executive on June 23. * The Bund splits up into the Japanese National Revolutionary Communist Committee and other 3 factions.
* Construction of Japan's first nuclear power plant in Tokaimura. * End of the Season of Politics. Japan surges ahead toward a period of high economic growth.

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