Frankfurter Tatsu

Frankfurter Tatsu
His first appearances are recorded around the early 80s. From amusement parks to fair stalls and highway rest areas, he covered a vast field contemplating frankfurters, rare at that time. After a fight at a major foreign-owned amusement park, he disappeared, and his whereabouts is unknown since then.

Katsuya Terada
(Okayama Prefecture, 1963). Illustrator, comic artist, and designer for video games, movies and plays. He designed the characters and the chiroptera in the world-hit animated feature Blood: The Last Vampire.

Narrator: "I guess one of the reasons why I've never been a very good Fast Food Grifter is that I spend too much time dreaming of ******land." The novel that starts with this passage is a book that stirred up a lot of controversy, including a charge of plagiarism of Richard Brautigan's "Dreaming of Babylon." But if we leave aside any literary value and focus on its content, this text clearly aims to be an introspective depiction of Fast Food Grifters, thus reflecting the growing demand for a more existential approach.
Me: Then I found myself crossing the boundary to think about ******land all over again. There, you find everything, but there is nothing. A fictitious castle and a cheerful band. Perfect strangers gather around with radiant expressions. It is a land of dreams far removed from the smell of cheap soy sauce on grilled corn cobs.

I977 * Japanese Red Army hijacks Japan Airlines Flight 472 and forces it to land in Dacca. The Japanese Government frees six imprisoned members of the group and allegedly pays a $6 million ransom. * Mamoru Oshii joins Tatsunoko Production.
I978 * Consumer finance causing family bankruptcies. * Space Invader arcade game becomes a hit. * Family restaurant boom. * Singing trio The Candies breakup. * Beefbowl Ushigoro strikes Yochinoya; Hamburger Tetsu assails Lotteria. * Everyday life is taken over and transformed by "systems."
I978 * Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. * Urban legends disseminate. * TV animated series Doraemon starts. The stories are centered upon weak-willed and lazy Nobita, who inevitably comes crying to cat-robot Doraemon for some device to fix his problems.
1980 * Iran-Iraq War. * Yoshinoya, founded in 1899, goes bankrupt.
1981 * President Anwar Sadat assassinated. * Animation series Urusei Yatsura, based on Rumiko Takahashi's comic book and directed by Mamoru Oshii, is aired on TV.
1982 * Falkland Islands War.
1983 * Tokyo Disneyland opens. * HIV outbreak. * Saison Group invests capital and Yoshinoya restarts its business operation with capital of 500 million yen. * Frankfurter Tatsu appears. * Urusei Yatsura: Only You released. * Systematization of society advances as some are alienated. Bubble Economy begins.

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