Crying Inumaru

Crying Inumaru
He was often spotted in the smaller suburban cities during the mid 60s. He specialized in "hard luck ploy" and "victory cry," but did not have any main food subject. A self-proclaimed loser, he was often beaten up by furious shop proprietors and clients. He was a reportedly omnivorous vagabond.

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
(Tokyo, 1958). President and CEO of Production I.G, the animation studio he founded in 1987. He produced animation works such as The End of Evangelion (1997), Jin-Roh (1999) and Innocence (2004).

Narrator: One more characteristic can be observed in this peculiar Fast Food Grifter. His scam was not centered upon any specific food, otherwise the raison d'etre of a Fast Food Grifter. Many researchers mentioned that Inumaru was an omnivore, as he actually did eat anything that was around.
It might have been his way of identifying with the dogs that were cast out and secretly disposed of. And his footsteps seemed like he was avoiding the urban areas just as stray dogs cleverly avoided the territories of domestic dogs.

196I * John Kennedy becomes president of the USA. * Construction of the Berlin Wall. * Mothra movie released.
1962 * Naval blockade of Cuba.
1963 * The Japanese National Revolutionary Communist Committee splits into the Revolutionary Marxist Movement and the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL), or Chukakuha (Middle Core Faction).
1964 * Tokyo Olympic Games. * Tokaido Shinkansen (or bullet train) connecting Tokyo and Osaka opens. * Crying Inumaru plies his scam at "The Orphan." * S&B launches a 33-spice curry roux tablet in a plastic tray with a popular TV ad: "Indians would be amazed." * Economic Miracle continues. Environment changes significantly. The streets are transformed drastically.

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