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Giovanni's Island wins Excellence Prize at 18th Japan Media Arts Festival

November 28, 2014

Mizuho Nishikubo's latest animated feature film, Giovanni's Island was awarded with the Excellence Prize in the Animation Division of the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival (2014).

Juror Masashi Koide, professor of communication design at the Tokyo Zokei University and chairman of the Japan Society for Animation Studies, motivated the recognition as follows:
"A truly beautiful work, and a finest example of animation technique and expressiveness, Giovanni's Island unquestionably stands out on the world stage as yet another quality benchmark achieved by the now one century-long tradition of Japanese animation. By portraying the brutality of historical events through the eyes of a child, yet carefully avoiding propaganda stereotypes, the film offers an opportunity for children and people of all ages to reflect about a not-so-far past. Also for its power to induce genuine emotions, Giovanni's Island fully deserves this recognition appointed by the Media Arts Festival."

Seventeen Production I.G works received recognitions in the past Japan Media Arts Festival editions. The last IG feature film to be awarded with the Excellence Prize was Hiroyuki Okiura's A Letter to Momo in 2011.

Started in 1997, the Japan Media Arts Festival is a "Contest" that praises creative media art works utilizing the latest expression technology, and it is also a "Festival" that supports creative activity and broadly presents various art works. At the same time, the event is promoting the development of media arts in Japan by providing the opportunities of appreciation, such as Exhibitions and Sanctioned Events. This year the festival received 3,853 entries from 71 countries and territories.

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