Ghost in the Shell:
Stand Alone Complex
(PS2 Game Edition)

In the year 2030, digital networks are reaching out everywhere. IT has advanced to drive human will, converted into light and electrons, in one direction, but not enough to turn a "loner" into a complex being called an "individual"...

Section 9 is requested by the military to seize a witness at the scene of an illicit arms sale on Niihama Dock N 3. Kusanagi descends from a tilt-rotor which passes over the dock at altitude 20 and begins her mission.
Kusanagi's progress is hindered by the complex structure of the container yard and the containers piled high above her height as well as by the attacking terrorists hiding behind the containers.

Release in Japan: March 4, 2004
System: PlayStation 2

© Shirow Masamune · Production I.G/KODANSHA
© Sony Computer Entertainment Inc./BANDAI/ Production I.G/NTV