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Episode 4: Rashomon

Air date: July 27, 2004
The whole city of Heian welcomes Raiko, who's succeeded in bringing the legendary jewel Magatama back to the capital. But sadness fills Hikaru's heart, as she has been unable to save the life of her brother. Hikaru retreats in solitude by the Rashomon Gate, and while sadly looking over the city from the top of the gate, she starts playing the flute she had received from her brother. Suddenly she realizes that a young and handsome jester is silently dancing by her side. His name is Mansairaku. But there is no time to think: a shower of arrows coming from the bottom of the stairs invests Hikaru. The Rashomon Gate is commonly believed to be a haunted place where demons and other supernatural creatures appear, and the guards, alarmed by the sound of the flute and the mysterious dance, have rushed to the spot. Will Hikaru and Mansairaku escape?

Script: Midori Goto
Storyboard: Junichi Sakata
Director: Jun Takahashi
Animation Director: Masayuki Sato