OVERVIEW: Heian Chapter

Otogi Zoshi

It is 972 A.D., the middle of the Heian Era in ancient Japan...

Kyoto, the capital of the country, is suffering serious famine and widespread disease. But to make the chaotic situation even worse, samurai and onmyoji are continuing their selfish strife for supremacy of political power.

Unable to overlook the calamity any longer, the Imperial Court orders Minamoto no Raiko, a samurai well-known for his archery skills, to seek out a legendary gem said to hold mysterious power to save the world.

But Raiko himself also falls ill. So instead, the youngest daughter in the Minamoto family, Hikaru, disguised as a samurai and pretending to be her brother, departs on a long journey in a quest to for the gem. Together with her faithful bodyguard, Watanabe no Tsuna, she finds herself caught up in many adventures, acquiring companions who join her for the quest.

She encounters a handsome sarugakushi named Mansairaku and also an enigmatic onmyoji, Abe no Seimei, and experiences countless unpredictable incidents. Hiding her feelings toward Mansairaku, Hikaru gradually gets involved in a great battle ...

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Air date in Japan: July 6, 2004 ~ March 29, 2005
Format: 26 x 30'


OVERVIEW: Tokyo Chapter

Otogi Zoshi

Starting from episode 14, Otogi Zoshi enters its second half. A new chapter set in present-time Tokyo is about to begin!

Tokyo, 2004.

Hikaru is a 17-year-old high school student. Both of her parents have passed away, and now she is the very young landlady of the apartment house called Minamoto Heights she inherited from them. Her tenants are a bit unique to say the least: the freelance writer Tsuna, the eerie fortuneteller Urabe, and the pimp Sadamitsu, who has a gluttonous little boy named Kintaro. Her elder brother, Raiko, has disappeared for about a year now, his whereabouts unknown.

Then one day, Hikaru spots her missing brother in the busy city of Tokyo. However, Tsuna who is just by her side, cannot see anything at all.

After this shocking incident, many people around Hikaru start to disappear as if they were spirited away. Something really strange is about to happen in Tokyo...