Walking Meat

"A snappy little bit of zom-com with bite"
(Fantasia Film Festival 2018)

Humanity has grown a taste for zombies.
Stewed, sautéed or squeezed.

In an alternate world, the Japanese corporation Flesh Inc. has managed to create zombies on domestic soil during the roaring Sixties (the years of the economic boom) using voodoo techniques imported from Africa, and it has built a fortune thereafter by selling zombie products of all kind: instant noodles, soft drinks, hamburgers, pet food, and cosmetics.
But when a trio of self-centered millennials on their first workday get trapped inside a fully automated zombie farm with their old-school technotard supervisor and a horde of undead running amok, overcoming generation gaps becomes a matter of survival.

An irreverent and over-the-top social commentary on too many exotic yet ambiguous ingredients that are marketed in all possible ways by the food industry, Walking Meat also humorously portrays the ultimate generational clash between digital natives and analogue-style post-war samurai workers. The short film marks the directorial debut of CG creator Shinya Sugai.

About Shinya Sugai
Sugai was born in 1982 in Yamagata, Japan. He studied architecture and production design at university, while attending a CG school. After graduation, he briefly worked in the video game industry, before joining animation studio Production I.G in 2006, where contributed to projects such as Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. SSS (2006) and Eden of the East (2009) as CG artist. In 2011 he co-founded CG studio Sublimation, where he served as CGI director in Rage of Bahamut Genesis (2014), Gatchaman Crowds insight (2015) and world-hit The Ancient Magus' Bride (2016-2018). The short Walking Meat (2018) marks his directorial debut.

Format: 1 x 20'55"

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