Corner 1: Burn

Oval x Over Corner 1: Burn

The promising racer Burn, called "Phoenix Burn" by his fans, has the skills, but his results show a lack of consistency. He has yet to defeat Earth, the great champion. Five years before, Burn had a traumatic experience in regard to Earth, but now he's determined to overcome the trauma and definitively win the race. What did really happen in Burn's past? And how did such experience influence his conflicted feelings about the race?

Corner 2: Gravis

Oval x Over Corner 2: Gravis

A fourteen-year-old girl goes to a race for the first time. Until then, she had disliked that sport, but now she appears fascinated as she watches the challenge between her father, the champion, and the younger rival racers, such as Earth. Then a few moments later, an accident occurs before her eyes resulting in her father's retirement. Five years later, to avenge her father, Gravis challenges Earth, the present champion, whom she looks on with mixed feelings of admiration and hatred.

Corner 3: Earth

Oval x Over Corner 3: Earth

The race enters the middle stage. Many pilots are either eliminated or outdistanced and the race becomes a heated contest between three racers: Earth, Burn and Gravis... Who will be the winner?

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