A Midsummer Night's Dream

I will make your wish come true
...if you pay an appropriate remuneration for it.

In contemporary society, ordinary people live hiding little invasive fixations within the darkest corner of their hearts. Yuko, the charming proprietor of the "shop", is ready to challenge all possible soul intoxications = xxxHOLiC

High school student Kimihiro Watanuki can see "ghosts" that ordinary people can't. One day, he meets Yuko Ichihara, the proprietor of a strange shop. She says, "I can make any wish come true". But she asked for an "appropriate remuneration" for it. To "remunerate" Yuko for her services to alter his spiritual tendency, Kimihiro is forced to start working at her shop. The clients of the shop all look very ordinary, but they are a bit skewed, or have rather unusual problems...

Yuko receives a letter from an unknown sender. It is an invitation to an auction. Seven avid collectors were invited to an old mansion. They all admit that they accepted the invitation to complete their collections. They waited for the host, but he does not make an appearance. And one by one the collectors disappear. The strange host and a mysterious girl. A night where odd things happen one after another. What is being auctioned? Who is the host? The cunning and foolish people who are obsessed with "possessions" and the host's "timeless" passion. What is waiting at the end of this enigmatic series of riddles? And what is the conclusion of the sad love story behind them? Mystery leads to mystery, and reaches the unexpected!

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Release in Japan: August 20, 2005
Format: 1 x 60'

© 2005 CLAMP/Kodansha/"The Movie xxxHOLiC A Midsummer Night's Dream" Committee