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Blood+ Production Report (1): Script Reading

Hi, I'm Peko, a new recruit at the public relations section of Production I.G. Starting from today, I would like to go with you through the production process of Blood+.

The scripts for each Blood+ episode is read carefully and scrutinized by people including the director, the scriptwriter and the producer. In this process, called "script reading," each script will be touched up and revised over and over before finally completing the story. The draft that comes up from the scriptwriter is called "the first draft" and with each revision made, it will be called,"second draft," "third draft," etc. The finished script is called the "final script."
I was curious about what it was like to be in the script reading room of Blood+ , so I joined one of the sessions held once a week.

The script reading usually takes place every week in a meeting room at Production I.G.

A lot of sweets on the table...

As the appointed time gets closer, members enter the room one by one!
It was the producer Seiji Takeda, of MBS, who arrived first..

Once they are at the table, they just read, read, and read the script.

Still reading...

Since it is the "script reading" session, everyone takes time to go through the pages.
And when they are done, thank you very much for the hard work and see you next week!

...Well, no, it doesn't really happen that way!

The script reading still continues on.
One could say the focus of script reading starts here! Each one in the room will comment on the script unbelievably meticulously.

For instance, "Saya's feeling for %$ is #*?&!=, so her line here should be %$?"

Or "Kai thinks of &# as ?$>+, so we should move up =!+?\ forward."

Or "+*=%?\ is $&#*+ and =&%\#, so should do /@&$\?%."
It's so frustrating I can't say the exact words here! They are so thrilling!!!!
It is really a process of sort of "weaving the story."

The discussion continues on and on to contribute ideas and to make an extensive and terrific story.
For your information, the meeting goes on for...

At the start, it is still light outside.

Hours later, the sun is going down.

And more hours later, it is completely dark outside!

But it is not finished yet!

They check whether there are any contradictions in the storyline, whether each character's feeling is appropriately expressed, and on top of everything, they see if the episode has the lure required to appeal to audiences.
I guess the process called "script reading" is for them to get together and discuss and verify these factors.

And now, a few words from director Junichi Fujisaku!

-What do you keep in mind when you read the scripts?

"Listen to people carefully to find answers.
If you make a mistake, apologize outright."

(1 - to be continued)

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